Ayurvedic Consultations

Disease Management Consultations

These sessions will allow a practitioner to guide you through your journey towards optimal health with personalized diet and lifestyle recommendations in conjunction with customized herbal formulas. For most conditions, multiple consultations provide the best results and continued support. Please see our silver and gold packages for the best value and results.

Disease Management Silver Package (4 hours of consultation)

This package includes:

  • A 2-hour initial consultation consisting of an in-depth evaluation of your health history, key symptoms of illness and your energetic constitution as well as a physical exam.
  • A 1-hour report of findings meeting which includes a briefing on the basics of Ayurveda as well as a discussion of your individual constitution, imbalances, and treatment plan (including herbal formulas, dietary changes, and lifestyle recommendations).
  • A 1-hour follow-up consultation where we will review your successes and challenges in incorporating healing practices. We will also discuss additional lifestyle recommendations that you can implement.

Consultations are generally spaced approximately 1 week apart.

Disease Management Gold Package (7 hours of consultation)

In addition to the components included in the silver package, this package includes 3 additional 1-hour follow-up visits to provide continued support on your healing journey. These meetings are an opportunity to assess your progress in addressing your health challenges. They will assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of how balance is achieved and maintained in your body.