Like everything in nature, we are all made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. They cometogether to make the three doshas which are the fundamental energies that make up the physical body and affect the mind and emotions. The doshas include:

  • Vata, pertaining to air and ether elements, is responsible for physical and mental movement, circulation, respiration and elimination.
  • Pitta, pertaining to fire and water elements, is responsible for physical and mental digestion and metabolism.
  • Kapha, pertaining to earth and water elements, is responsible for tissue growth and regeneration, physical and mental lubrication, structure, growth, immunity, stability and protection.

What is your Constitution?

  • Each of us has a unique balance of the doshas at birth (constitution) that determines our physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
  • An individual’s constitution or natural balance remains the same throughout his or her life.
  • When the balance of the doshas differs from one’s constitution, imbalances manifest themselves as disease.

How is Balance Created?

  • Many factors, both internal and external, like emotional state, dietary choices, weather, physical trauma, work, and family relationships can disturb the balanced state of our constitutions.
  • Once these factors are understood, an individual can take necessary actions to minimize their effects, eliminate the causes of imbalance and re-establish one’s original constitution.

What methods are used to restore Balance?

  • Ayurveda restores health and balance by addressing many factors on the physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels.
  • Balance is achieved through Ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary changes supplemented by massage, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, color and sound therapies.
  • Ayurveda balances through opposites: if your life is too fast paced, you need to slow down to be in balance; if you feel sluggish you need to be stimulated.