Classes and Workshops

Ayurvedic Cooking Classes (individual or group instruction)

Familiarize yourself with cooking spices and learn to cook tasty vegetarian, doshically balanced food.

Yoga/Pranayama (Breathing Technique) Workshops (individual or group instruction)

Learn some simple practices to incorporate into your lifestyle to help you stay energetic and keep a positive attitude. The ancient breathing exercises discussed will help improve health, increase longevity, and sharpen the mind.

Sanskrit Classes (individual or group instruction)

Learn to read, write, and speak the language of the ancient Indian scriptures and chants. Instruction will be tailored for your particular needs for use of the language.

Wellness Workshops

Workshops can be adjusted to fit the needs of your group. They can vary in length and provide an overview of Ayurveda or discuss specific topics like healthy eating and positive lifestyle.