Holistic Detox Treatments (Pancha Karma)

Cleanses the body’s deep tissues of toxins, opens the subtle channels, brings life-enhancing energy thereby increasing vitality, inner peace, confidence and well-being. It includes a combination of the following with the treatment plan personalized based on your constitution and the selected duration:

  • Swedhana – Full body steam treatments to deepen massage
  • Karna Purna – Filling ears with warm oils to induce relaxation
  • Marma Abhyanga – Warm oil Ayurvedic massages using Marma strokes
  • Shirodhara – Pouring warm, herbal oil on the forehead to calm the mind
  • Purifying Basti – Enema to eliminate toxins from the gastrointestinal tract
  • Nasya – Applying herbal oils to the nasal passage
  • Kitcheri (2 servings/day) – Fresh home-made Ayurvedic lunch and dinner to promote balance
  • Herbal washing formula for healthy hair

3-Day Package

Generally includes 2 purifying bastis, 3 marma abhyanga, 3 swedhana, 2 shirodhara, 1 nasya, 3 karna purna, 6 meals, and the special herbal hair formula.

5-Day Package

Generally includes 4 purifying bastis, 5 marma abhyanga, 5 swedhana, 3 shirodhara, 2 nasya, 5 karna purna, 10 meals, and the special herbal hair formula.

7-Day Package

Generally includes 5 purifying bastis, 7 marma abhyanga, 7 swedhana, 4 shirodhara, 3 nasya, 7 karna purna, 14 meals, and the special herbal hair formula.