“I’m fortunate to have had Vidya’s knowledge and committed heart guide me through Pancha Karma. I have been a teacher as well as a student of Ayurveda, for over a decade, and this experience was superior to any treatment I’ve had to date. If you are looking for a Pancha Karma Practitioner who will lead you into your utmost Optimum Health, look no further!!! Vidya is the Blissful guide you’ve been searching for.”
– C.V., Ayurvedic Practitioner & Yoga Therapist

“I have been practicing Ayurveda for about four years now, and have found the whole system to be brilliantly intuitive and helpful. This year, I had the privilege of doing a Pancha Karma with Vidya and, if possible, am even more impressed with what Ayurveda can bring to one’s day-to-day level of comfort and health. Vidya’s beautiful heart, great knowledge and genuine compassion are evident in her handling of such an intimate and personal experience as well as the thoughtfulness of her follow-up treatment.

One of the most valuable benefits I’ve had since the Pancha Karma is the resetting of my internal thermostat, which felt shut off for the past seven years (since menopause and a serious car accident). I was unable to control my body temperature and felt cold almost daily for years. Finally, I am able to maintain inner heat despite outside temperatures and am not living my years waiting for a stretch of 80+ degree weather or considering a move to warmer climates. I consider my Ayurveda practice to be as regular a part of my life as brushing teeth or sleeping (which, by the way, has also improved since working with Vidya!).”
– A.B., Yoga Teacher

“Vidya is my personal mind and body trainer. She is dedicated, patient, gentle, and a good listener.”
-R.A., Aesthetician

“As a biomedical scientist trained in the Western methodology of disease and treatment, I was initially very skeptical of the Ayurvedic approach when I began consultations with Vidya. However, through the recommendations and herbal formulations that she gave me, she has made me a complete believer in Ayurveda! I found her to be a great healer, extremely dedicated to the optimum well-being and individualized care of her patients.

I initially came to her with regards to hair loss and acne that conventional shampoos and face washes/creams were unable to address. The herbal formulas and recommendations (which she worked with me to tailor for my schedule/work constraints) that she gave were amazing. Within a month and a half, my acne had cleared significantly and I didn’t have hair falling out every time I combed my hair (which hadn’t been the case for at least 4 years prior to when I saw Vidya). To sum it up, I had great results from a tailor-made treatment plan made by a very compassionate and caring healer–Vidya!”
– M.V., Scientist